See & Do

Fano is a popular coastal resort of quality beaches, cultural sights, historical and environmental heritage which enable tourists to enjoy all the city has to offer.

The port and railway separate the coast of Fano into two unique zones from the modern resort that has grown up along two stretches of fine beach. In the southeast region there is the 'Spiaggia Sassonia' which is a long strand of beach with a wide promenade. In the northwest, lies the sandy 'Spiaggia Lido' which has a large selection of beach umbrellas - also home to a popular nightlife of trendy bars and restaurants.

A range of other smaller beaches and bays are located close to the coast on both sides of the town such Fosso Sejore, Metaurilia, Torrette with decent stretches of public sands where you don't have to pay.

In between the two beach fronts is the small fishing harbour giving you the chance to buy the freshest selection of Adriatic fish and seafood.

If you step foot into Fano town centre, you will immediately see a splendid Roman triumphal arch called 'Arco di Augusto' which is one of the main touristic sights presenting a welcoming gateway to the town. Legend has it it was erected in 2 AD under orders of the Roman Emperor Augustus marking the arrival of the Via Flaminia on the shores of the Adriatic. The main Via Arco di Augusto presents a delightful opportunity for you to experience a 'passeggiata' which is an authentic Italian communal stroll through the streets and shops of the ancient town centre.

If you continue you will soon arrive in the heart of the centre to 'Corso Matteotti' at central Piazza XX Settembre which is uniquely decorated with a characteristic 16th century fountain that is guarded by the goddess of Fortune in Fano. Close by you can see the Palazzo Malatesta with a noteworthy courtyard known as the Corte Malatestiana. This palace exhibits the town's Museo Civico and Pinacoteca which is a stunning collection of Renaissance paintings by Guercino, Michele Giambono and Guido Reni. The church of Santa Maria Nuova looms over the main square on Via de Pili which houses two stunning treasures by Perugino, a Madonna with Saints and an Annunciation.

If you want to venture outside the walls of the city, then you can take a trip towards the hills of Metauro. This famous area has long produced an excellent local wine which goes well with the local Fano food products such as mushrooms.